Slow-Cooker Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Onions

Okay the old standby side dish for the holiday season we have just made healthier! Thanks to fresh green beans, an easy homemade cream sauce and crispy onion topping, this green bean casserole recipe is lower fat, lower calorie, and more delicious than traditional recipes that use canned soup, beans and onions. Plus, the slow cooker saves you time cooking at the stove. Make sure to use fresh green beans, as frozen green beans will become mushy.

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3 Muscle Building Facts Every Woman Should Know

With the larger percentage of my in home personal training being women I can tell you that you ladies don’t have it easy when it comes to burning fat and building muscle—your bodies are not exactly designed for the cause. Instead, you tend to hold on to fat and are limited in your muscle building abilities due to your hormonal make up. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t overcome your disadvantage and still have a lean and trim body! The first step is to understand why you are designed the way we are. Read on to find out the three things you need to know about burning fat and building muscle for women.

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Cauliflower Chicken Fried “Rice”

I love this new low carb slimmer dinner recipe and enjoy it because it’s 100% guilt free. You get an extra serving of vegetables and cut back on carbohydrates by replacing rice with riced cauliflower. This healthy chicken fried rice recipe allows you to get your Chinese fix but still have a protein packed 400-600 calorie meal.

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Eat Lean For Life – Stay Strong All Year Long

If you are around my age a lot of our grandparents grew up on a farm and were maybe even farmers. Our grandparents had it right, fresh, natural whole foods provide us with an abundance of nutrients we need to stay healthier and fit. And as a personal trainer I am constantly talking about, coaching, and teaching gym clients and my in home personal training clients just that!

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Grillin’ Season Is Here

Warmer weather, and Memorial Day Weekend marks the official start of BBQ season. Contrary to popular opinion, burgers and hot dogs are not the only things you can toss onto your grill. Eat clean the grillin’ way isn’t hard at all, in fact easy!

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The 5 Foods To Bypass At The Supermarket


As a personal trainer people are always asking me is this food okay or better to eat than this food, always trying to compare one versus the other. Well at Cronus Health & Fitness we provide with our in home personal training a little service that we like to call a “pantry raid”. With more than 20,000 new food and drink items hitting our grocery store shelves each year this can create conflicting information about health and nutrition. It can be confusing to figure out what we should and should not be putting into our carts, and our bodies. Below we have covered five foods with unwarranted health halos that aren’t doing your body any favors.

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Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Macaroni Cheese Bake


Okay who doesn’t love macaroni & cheese? This creamy and low fat twist on the traditional macaroni and cheese, mixing in tender chicken thigh pieces and mushrooms in a creamy Parmesan cheesy sauce will make the list of a new comfort food favorite. And parents know the only way to get our kids to eat vegetables is wrapping them all up in a creamy cheesy sauce, and making it fun with macaronis. But first, let me warn you, the creamy Parmesan aroma coming from the oven and sifting through the house will have your stomach growling and nose wide awake thinking is this a real slimmer dinner?

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Belly Fat & Visceral Fat: The Dangers & 12 Things That Causes Them


We all have heard excess belly fat is extremely unhealthy. It’s a risk factor for diseases like metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The medical term for unhealthy fat in the belly is “visceral fat,” which refers to fat surrounding the liver and other organs in your abdomen. Being a personal trainer for years now is exactly what so many of my in home personal training and gym clients are concerned about. Even normal-weight people with excess belly fat have an increased risk of health problems.

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Blood Sugar Levels & Bananas For Diabetics, Good or Bad?


When you have diabetes, it is important to keep blood sugar levels as stable as possible. I know a little about this subject because I have Type 2 diabetes. As a personal trainer, having in home personal training along with gym clients I am seeing more and more people with diabetes or the beginning of insulin resistance (which very likely will turn into Type 2 diabetes if not reversed).

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The Truth About Carbohydrates, Night Eating and 5 Myths


We all have heard it going on a diet has been big business for years now. Americans spent SIXTY BILLION dollars last year! That’s approximately $200 for every man woman and child. If you consider that “only” 75 million Americans are actually attempting to lose weight, we’re at $800 per person per year!

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