Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

This rustic cake is a delicious sweet nothings alternative to pie and uses one of the tastiest fruits of the fall harvest—cranberries. The basic recipe is very versatile and can be made with apples, pears, peaches, plums or any full-flavored, slightly acidic fruit. Just arrange the fruit in the skillet before you pour the batter over it. The cake is best served warm; if you can, put it in the oven just before you sit down to dinner.

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Skipping Breakfast and Exercise…Don’t

If I have said it once I have said it 1 million times to my in home personal training and gym clients alike! To reach your healthy fitness weight goal it is 80% nutrition 20% exercise. So, the alarm rings and you press “snooze” one time too many. By the time you roll out of bed, you think it’s too late for breakfast so you don’t eat. While some people do skip breakfast on a regular basis, it’s not a good idea.

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Grillin’ Season Is Here

Warmer weather, and Memorial Day Weekend marks the official start of BBQ season. Contrary to popular opinion, burgers and hot dogs are not the only things you can toss onto your grill. Eat clean the grillin’ way isn’t hard at all, in fact easy!

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Belly Fat & Visceral Fat: The Dangers & 12 Things That Causes Them


We all have heard excess belly fat is extremely unhealthy. It’s a risk factor for diseases like metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The medical term for unhealthy fat in the belly is “visceral fat,” which refers to fat surrounding the liver and other organs in your abdomen. Being a personal trainer for years now is exactly what so many of my in home personal training and gym clients are concerned about. Even normal-weight people with excess belly fat have an increased risk of health problems.

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Blood Sugar Levels & Bananas For Diabetics, Good or Bad?


When you have diabetes, it is important to keep blood sugar levels as stable as possible. I know a little about this subject because I have Type 2 diabetes. As a personal trainer, having in home personal training along with gym clients I am seeing more and more people with diabetes or the beginning of insulin resistance (which very likely will turn into Type 2 diabetes if not reversed).

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Avocado Oil The Newer Good For You Oil


If you already pan-roast your chicken in grapeseed oil and adorn your salad greens with Italian extra virgin olive oil, way to go. But just like your workout routine, when it comes to culinary oils, you should shoot for variety. It’s not as simple as drizzling a new bottle into the pan the next time you stir-fry, though. Certain oils are better for sautéing or baking, while others should be used exclusively for dressings and dips. As a personal trainer I am always trying to keep abreast of the newest trends whether it be on exercise or nutrition for my in home personal training and gym clients.

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High-Quality, High-Fiber Choices


You can barely pick up a health magazine without reading an article about how wonderful fiber is. Yet many people struggle to consume the recommended amount of fiber. Learn why eating fiber is so beneficial, how athletes should add fiber if they need more and what foods are rich sources of fiber.

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Mediterranean Diet 101: A Diet That Can Cause Weight Loss


Well here I am again writing about healthy eating and what “diet” might be best. I have found through the years as a personal trainer with teaching, coaching, and consulting our in home personal training clients that there is no one specific diet that works for everyone. As I have said in the past use a “diet” as a stepping stone or a tool to use to change the way you see and feel about food. Use it to start a lifestyle change in your eating habits, that is the way to lose the weight you wish and dream of and keep it off!

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Diet Soda Company’s Now Using Smoke and Mirror Campaigns

diet coke new bottle

Guess what if you haven’t heard or have been living under a rock soft drinks are bad for you, whether it’s the sugar calories in regular cola, or the artificial sweeteners in zero-calorie drinks. With our in home personal training this is one of the hardest habits to break for our clients. In a desperate attempt to stop declining sales, the Coca Cola company is out with a new campaign featuring millions of uniquely designed bottles. The one-of-a-kind limited edition bottles are on sale now and for some folks may become collector items.

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Want Protein But Not the Meat?


Protein is the most beloved macronutrient by people losing weight. Foods rich in protein are in high demand and rightfully so: protein helps keep you satiated and helps muscles grow. The top sources of protein in the American diet are from meat and poultry. Even though I am a carnivore at heart there are more people wanting to or who are switching to non-meat diets, or reducing their meat intake, they are concerned that they won’t be able to get adequate protein to maintain their diet. This is a common mistake. We at Cronus Health & Fitness do give our in home personal training clients options to fit their lifestyle. As you can see from the long list below, there are many excellent protein sources that are either entirely plant based or vegetarian:

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