Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

Quinoa (pronounced “keen-wah”) is a whole grain with origins in South America. We have combined it in this recipe with black beans, savory vegetables, and spices for a cold or warm salad that is light and refreshing. This salad is high in protein and can be served as a main with your favorite seafood, or side dish.

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Orange Pistachio Quinoa

Man, what a savory side dish! Quinoa I like to describe it as “its own little ecosystem, containing all of the essential amino acids that we must obtain through the diet.” This dish’s texture provides interesting mouth feel and layers of flavors (citrus, mint, cumin, coriander) that will excite the taste buds and making you want more!

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Baked Chermoula Tilapia


I love this quick and easy tilapia dish as one of our slimmer dinners and fits right into 400 – 600 calorie meal plan. It’s only 179 calories per serving and allows you plenty of room for a couple of savory sides and still be under 600 calories.

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Chicken Vindaloo


This is a classic Indian dish that not only tastes wonderful but for the busy Mom or Dad is quick and easy to prepare with a no hands on approach cooking method. It’s health eating that fits perfectly into our Metabolic Jump Start Program and 400 – 600 calorie meal plan with only 118 calories!

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