Cube Steak with Mushroom-Sherry Sauce

Cube steak is a tougher cut of meat pounded to make it tender but does fall into the comfort food circle. I like it because it cooks quickly and is inexpensive—perfect for a weeknight slimmer dinner.  Look for pre-sliced mushrooms to save even more time on the prep. Serve with: Mashed potatoes (or a baked sweet potato) and grilled broccoli rabe or your favorite vegetable.

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The Dubious Ingredient in Mac & Cheese

Okay I know your kids love Mac & Cheese, we all do but here is just another reason why being lazy and using excuses like….I am so busy, I don’t have time, it’s so much easier, it’s very quick, I get home so late after a long day at work, and filling your kids with processed foods!

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Low-Carb Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo


Skip the guilt of traditional sauce-covered noodles and indulge in this plate of protein-rich comfort food. This Alfredo recipe will satisfy your pasta cravings without leaving you in a food coma. For many people chicken fettuccine Alfredo is a go-to meal whenever they dine at an Italian restaurant. Sure, chicken fettuccine Alfredo is tasty, but is it worth over 1,480 calories at Olive Garden? Hmmm, maybe not, our version ONLY 257 calories!

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Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Macaroni Cheese Bake


Okay who doesn’t love macaroni & cheese? This creamy and low fat twist on the traditional macaroni and cheese, mixing in tender chicken thigh pieces and mushrooms in a creamy Parmesan cheesy sauce will make the list of a new comfort food favorite. And parents know the only way to get our kids to eat vegetables is wrapping them all up in a creamy cheesy sauce, and making it fun with macaronis. But first, let me warn you, the creamy Parmesan aroma coming from the oven and sifting through the house will have your stomach growling and nose wide awake thinking is this a real slimmer dinner?

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