Courtney W.

I’m stepping out of my box and comfort zone by writing this testimonial but I just felt like I needed to give credit where credit is due. With these pictures. You may not care. This may not concern you. But someone you know or love may benefit from me being a little uncomfortable. A year ago I made a decision. It was for me, but little did I know, my family would benefit the most from it. I decided to take charge of my health and my nutrition. I had no idea we are supposed to feel this great! Am I perfect?? Heck no!!!! I didn’t strive for that. But giving my daughters the best version of me (healthier, happier, more energetic) and wrapping each of their days up in warm memories..well, that is perfect to me.” And I didn’t travel this road alone. I had so much support from my trainer, coach, and supporter. Thanks Eric

Sarinah M.

“In the picture on the left I was drinking energy drinks daily, full of inflammation, didn’t sleep well, tired all the time. On the right is a more leaner, healthier, more energetic and happier me. This nutritional program is the best thing I’ve done for me. I’m worth it!” I think you’re worth it!!

Tara M. Her Story

Tara M

8 months ago I was considered “morbidly obese” I was exhausted, in a lot of joint discomfort and felt like I was suffocating in a lifestyle that didn’t fit my personality. When my friend told me about nutritional cleansing I ignored what being explained to me for a year. After watching tons of other people’s lives changing I decided to take a second look at this incredible program and so glad I did. My life is forever changed. Now I feel amazing. I have the energy to run around all day without a nap, I keep up with my kids without any discomfort, and my self esteem is off the charts. I am finally finding the real me and I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life to support me and this cutting edge system has changed my life. THANKS!

Ali’s Story In Her Own Words


I just wanted to say thank you! LOOK MY ENTIRE BODY FITS INTO 1 LEG OF MY OLD JEANS!

Your Metabolic Jump Start Program has truly transformed my entire life! When I started 11 months ago I took a HUGE LEAP of faith I was at the end of my rope. I like so many others had struggled to lose weight. I expected to drop a few pounds but definitely not CHANGE MY LIFE!! Not only have I dropped 75lbs, 100+ inches overall, and 6 pants sizes, which is life changing on its own. I now have more self confidence and have a peaceful calm feeling inside. My anxiety that I use to struggle with is now under control and no longer consuming my life, funny what happens when your body is working the way it was meant to. Thank you for all your support!

Patricia R Story

Patricia R

My name is Patricia, and I too am one of those who have gone through a huge weight loss transformation. I gained something out of this process which was a huge boost in my self-confidence. When finally seeing results it made me feel so good inside! I felt lighter, my head became clearer and my energy completely increased!

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Angela W. Story

Angela Wild

My results are in! I finished off my journey with a 9 day deep cleanse… losing 8lbs & 1.5″ in just my waist and 2″ in just my stomach, total 9.25″!!! I have reached my goal wearing a size 8 & broke the 140’s, weighing in at 139 lbs!!

My total weight loss for this program has been 27lbs & 48″! Went from a size 14 and feeling depressed and miserable with low self confidence to a size 8 and feeling great about myself!! I can’t thank my coach enough for showing me there is an optimal nutritious way.

Juan G Cruz Story

Juan G Cruz

Just to think just a few months ago, only last fall, I was wearing a size 38″ jeans. I was unhappy, tired and simply miserable. I would get exhausted walking up to the 2nd floor at home. I usually wanted to lay down on the couch versus being active outside with the kids. That wasn’t me and I knew I had to get “ME” back.

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Cynthia Salinas-Crow Story

Cynthia Salinas Crow_colage

Congrats to you Cynthia Salinas-Crow it is a pleasure to see such success. You are proof if someone makes that decision to change your current weight and health you have to find the right program and trainer/coach! So for all of you doubting Thomas’s out there here is another example of REAL people with REAL stories. When are you going to make a change for the better?

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Tammy F Story

Tammy F_b4_aft

Sixty (60) days ago I was going nowhere with my journey on trying to reduce my weight and improve my optimal health. I had joined a gym and was working my tail off in a boot camp style workout program that simply was killing me because my energy just was not there. I was making some progress but it left me wondering, I was working so hard but with very small results. Then a friend and personal trainer spoke to me about a program that he was using for himself and his clients. He explained it was a Metabolic Jump Start Program that used all natural nutritional cleansing, replenishing, and revitalizing products along with moderate exercise.

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